The Black Theatre Coalition (BTC) provides emerging, mid-career, and career changing Black professionals opportunities to learn the process of theatre making from leaders at the highest levels in executive, creative, producing, and administrative areas while developing a strong network for continued success and employment in the industry.  Our vision is to reshape the working ecosystem for those who have been marginalized by systemically racist and biased ideology.

All questions about BTC offerings can be directed to Program Director Tom Andre Bardwell (TomAndre at blacktheatrecoalition dot org)

What is the difference between Fellowship and Apprenticeship?

Fellowships are 1-2 year long full time job experiences with participants being awarded $50,000 per year. Apprenticeships are project specific opportunities that can span from 1 week up to 6 months in length with a stipend of $1,000/week. General Management Fellowships last up to 24 months. The Black Theatre Coalition/Broadway Across America Fellowship is intended to be 20 hours per week, for 14 weeks from January 8 through April 12 with an hourly pay rate of $17.00.

When will I know if I am selected for an interview or offered a Fellowship/Apprenticeship?

Though we aim to update all applicants as soon as possible on the process we cannot guarantee an exact timeline since we are working with various partners across a number of projects. 

Will this Fellowship or Apprenticeship help me secure a job upon completion?

The goal of our program is for participants to "graduate" into full-time positions within the offices or companies in which they are placed. However, that is not always guaranteed. We hope this opportunity gives you the space to develop and realize a plan to take your next career step. 

Before applying to the program, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I motivated to pursue offstage roles in the entertainment industry?
  2. Do I want to turn my passion for art into an income-generating career?
  3. Am I properly equipped for long hours and demanding work?
  4. Do I have strong community support in place?

If I am not selected for a Fellowship/Apprenticeship can I apply again?

Yes! Your application will be kept on file once submitted. Please continue to look out for future opportunities with us and resubmit as you see fit.

Can I apply for multiple fellowships or apprenticeships during the program? 

We recommend that participants focus on applying for and committing to one fellowship or apprenticeship during the program. This recommendation is made with several considerations in mind:

  • Fairness and Equity: Limiting participants to one opportunity ensures fairness in the selection process and allows equal access to all applicants.
  • Resource Allocation: Providing support, mentorship, and resources to multiple participants from the same individual could strain program resources and diminish the quality of support for all involved.
  • Commitment: Focusing on one opportunity allows participants to commit their time, energy, and attention fully, maximizing the learning and growth potential of the experience.
  • Professional Development: Engaging deeply with one fellowship or apprenticeship often provides a more enriching and comprehensive professional development experience than spreading oneself thin across multiple opportunities.

We aim to ensure the best possible outcomes and experiences for all program participants and strongly encourage thoughtful consideration of the above-mentioned implications.


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